Meet the Family and how Ride Moab Industries began....

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Tyler is 3rd generation Moab, an 8 year Marine Corps Combat Veteran, works for the National Park Service and rides motorcycles every chance he gets. KaLeigh is 6th generation Moab, a natural born entrepreneur who owns her own photography business (@kaleighwelchphotography & and manages Ride Moab Ind., wife, mom, and like any wife/mom a 24/7 operations specialist. Graysen "Race'n Graysen," since he was born has been better on two wheels than his own two feet.  Graysen is six and currently rides a KTM 65. Taylen is two going on three and currently just "The Baby" but we have high hopes!  Both boys began riding an Oset electric bike at 2 years old and are progressing quickly. The next generation is here!

Ride Moab Industries (RMI) began in 2017 as a creative outlet for KaLeigh to design custom dirt bike inspired clothing for Tyler, Graysen and Taylen and to connect other riders in the Moab area so that no one ever rode alone in our amazing but also treacherous terrain. The vision was that one day Tyler would transition the business into off-road guided dirt bike tours here in Moab, in the mean time the mission of RMI was to create a community of riders, share our beautiful town, with its amazing trails and strive to bring functional well designed clothing to the riding community, on and off our bikes. 

Our vision became a reality the beginning of this year in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak. Timing is horrible but our family motto is "Never Give Up". Business hasn't yet had a chance to take off but that hasn't stopped us from playing in our Moab back yard and social distancing on bikes with the RMI crew. 

We hope that when the dust settles your families are healthy, work progresses, finances are strengthened, we can shake hands again and that you remember us when you come to Moab to ride.  We'd be honored to be your guide.  

- The RMI Fam

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