About the RMI Family

We are Moab locals, born and raised and our family spans 7 generations in the Moab Valley. Growing up here has allowed us the opportunity to explore so many off-road locations and learn about so much of Moab's history. 

Tyler - Owner/Operator

Tyler is a USMC combat veteran and was active duty Infantry from 2003-2011), during that time he did two tours in Ar Ramadi, Iraq (2003 & 2007) and one MEW (2005). During his first tour in Ar Ramadi in 2003 he was wounded when he received shrapnel to his face in an IED explosion. From 2007-2011 Tyler was stationed at the Bridgeport Mountain Warfare Training Center as a Red Hat Mountain Warfare Instructor, training Marines, Navy and Navy Seals to survive weeks and sometimes months in the harsh summer & winter terrain of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This time in the Marines was by far his favorite.  Spending time on the mountain in this rugged terrain was extremely healing for him. Riding has been Tyler's therapy and immensely helped him in his transition from his military career into his civilian life. Tyler gained an abundance of skill sets that he uses now to provide an excellent service to his clients. Tyler then spent 10 years working for the National Park Service after his enlistment gaining 18 years in total with the federal government.  In April 2021 Tyler put in his notice to leave the comfort of a 7-5, 40hr work week, retirement, and steady paycheck to take the chance on the dream of running their own business and living an adventure worth living. He’s earned the opportunity to give his personal dreams a chance with Ride Moab Industries

KaLeigh - Owner/Director of Operations

KaLeigh is an entrepreneur at heart and the business visionary behind RMI.  She built a successful photography business that she has operated since 2011, serving many local families and visitors coming to the Moab area.  She worked in the County Councils Office as Admin and Special Event Coordinator for Grand County for 5 years before working to bring Ride Moab Industries to life. KaLeigh dreamed that RMI would be a way for Tyler to have a self employed career he could flourish in and that together they would build a business for their family. She holds many titles but the most important are Wife, Mom, and 24/7 Director of Operations for KaLeigh Welch Photography, Ride Moab Industries and their little family.

The Boys

Graysen "Race'n Graysen" better on two wheels than his own two feet. Taylen currently just "The Baby" but we have high hopes! Both Welch boys began riding dirt bikes at age 2 and are quickly following in their Dad's dream.  

The Mission

The mission of Ride Moab Industries is to create a community of riders, share our beautiful town with its amazing trails and strive to create an experience that would be one of the most memorable adventures of our clients lives. 

So when you think of riding in Moab, or when you’re considering logistics for your trip please keep us in mind because our family is building it's own community and we want you to be a part of it!






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