Overnight to 3 Step Hideaway & Back to Moab May 29th-30th

Overnight Guided Motorcycle Adventure to 3 Step Hideaway – May 29-30

Ride will include:

  • Group size 4-10 (plus guide)
  • Experienced guide + support vehicle
  • Extensive first-aid supplies
  • Pickup and Travel onto trail location & return home
  • Trail sack lunch, snacks & beverages
  • Your fuel and gear will be transported to 3 Step Hideaway via support vehicle.
  • Possible experiences: wildlife, single track and two-track. The terrain may include a wide variation with sandy washes, rocky terrain, Mountain hills, fun hill climbs and much more.


$160.00 per person (Bike rental not included)

  • NOT INCLUDED IN GUIDE COST: Saturday night dinner, Sunday breakfast and overnight accommodation.  Call RMI 775.720.4111 to discuss your overnight accommodations.

 What to do/bring:


Ride type: Off-road Guided Tour 

Total distance: 200miles

Ideal Rider Ability: Intermediate/Advanced – comfortable on tight single track. Can read difficult terrain and chose solid enough lines to clear most obstacles. Typically rides multiple times a month. You love getting into the gnar on a trail. More than capable of riding a full day or all weekend. Capable of riding terrain from large rocks and rock ledges, exposed trails, tight, technical single-track, and ridges. Nothing is off limits.


Saturday, MAY 1st 8:00 AM –

  • Meet at Madbro Parking lot at 8:00am
  • Depart at 8:15am to hwy 191 South Kane Springs Trailhead
  • Rider support vehicle will carry your additional fuel, gear bags, overnight bags & misc.
  • Refuel and sack Trail Llunch
  • Approximately 120 miles this day
  • Destination 3 Step Hideaway
  • Not included in guide cost: $30 Dinner at 3 Step Hideaway

SUNDAY, MAY 2nd (approximately home by 1pm)

  • Not included: $15 Breakfast at 3 Step Hideaway
  • Depart 3 Step Hideaway by 9:00am
  • Rider support vehicle will carry all additional fuel, gear bags and overnight bags back to Kane Springs trail head.
  • Approximately 60 miles this day
  • Lite Lunch upon return
  • End of a great ride and check mark on the bucket list!
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